Football: the most thrilling game of the world

Football has a following in almost every part of the world. Due to the thrill involved in this game,  it has developed a name for itself. There are two teams in this game consisting of 11 players. there are 10 players and one goalkeeper in this game. The aim of the goalkeeper is to resist the goal of the opposing team by preventing it from entering the goalpost.

In the US, the game of football is extremely popular with the Super Bowl event garnering the highest viewership at all times. In fact, every college in the US has a football team and therefore, 70,000 players in colleges play and compete in various football events.

So, many people root for their favorite team every year during the world cup of football. This world cup was an adrenaline rushing event watched by almost the whole world. The FIFA world cup which has so many spectators is held after every 4 years. Football brings together zealous fans from different countries who believe in this game and its players. These zealous fans are ardent supporters of teams.

The real passion of the game arrives from the fact, that you have to kick the ball into the goalpost of the opposing team. But the passion of the game lies in the fact, which the goals can be done by kicking the ball with the head or any other body part except using the hands to throw the ball. So, the headers in which the players are kicking the ball with their head are an amazing sight to watch.

A game of football lasts for 90 minutes and there is also a 15 minutes break given to players.

Penalty kicks are given along with extra time if no team is able to score more goals than the other. So, a clear victor can’t be established. These kicks are also given when the game isn’t able to complete the allotted time because the players have injuries. So, due to such injuries, the players take frequent breaks from the game necessitating extra time to complete the allotted time.

Strategy of the game

There are various kinds of players in the game of football.

Goalkeepers: The characteristic of such players is that they are very well built so as to prevent the ball from entering the goal.

Central defenders: The aim of these players is to prevent the players of the opposing team to kick the ball directly into the goal.

Forwards: These players have the power to change the game. They have excellent footwork and the last ones to kick the ball before it reaches the goal. So their success or failure can determine the success of a lot of players.

Midfield players: These players are also quite strategic to the game. They do the jobs of several players. So, they can pass the ball to the “forwards”. They also prevent the ball from being grabbed by the players of the opposing team through powerful legwork and act as “ball-winners”.

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