Get a Canada PR visa and play for Canada

Canada has many kinds of famous sporting events every year. Many candidates come here through the athlete visa. This visa is an alternative to the Canada PR visa which is cumbersome to get once the candidate has not ever played for Canada. The need for a work permit/athlete visa for these candidates depends on whether they are coming here to represent their own country in some sporting event in which case they don’t need the athlete visa. However, an athlete visa is needed when the candidate is going to represent a Canadian sports team. In this case, a candidate has the requirement for a work permit to be able to play here, however, he is exempt from the need of getting an LMIA for this work permit. This implies that the candidate is given the work permit quite fast.

The candidate can get the Canada PR visa after living in Canada on such a work permit for some duration. However, initially, any athlete who wants to get the work permit must have the job given to him by the sports team of Canada which then needs to apply for a work permit for him. The athlete who comes to Canada on such an athlete visa needs to go by all the legal formalities:


  • The candidate needs to show funds which may be needed for his minimal expenditures as long as he has decided to be here.
  • On top of it, he should not have worked for any criminal organization. As an athlete, he should also have a police clearance certificate issued to him in India.
  • After coming to Canada, he should only work for the same sports team which hired and made him get the athlete visa.
  • There is a need to wait for 4 months to get this athlete visa.

In some situations when the Indian athlete is entering the country of Canada for some days only, he can get and work here without the obligation of getting a work permit.

  • This includes all those amateur players who are entering the country of Canada for a single sports season.
  • Jockeys who are going to train Canadian horses for races
  • Drivers of F1 races
  • Indian Sportspersons who are coming to Canada to compete for entrance to professional Canadian teams.

To get a Canada PR visa in the long run after some years, an athlete will have to stick to the country of Canada for some time. An athlete when he decides to immigrate to Canada should have received training for his sport and must be a graduate also. He should also be certified by a certain sports consort.

To receive a Canada PR visa, an athlete can also opt for the Express Entry. So, if an employer has given him employment, he can get the Canada PR visa. The points are given for the age of an athlete, for example, how young an athlete he is likely to be taken up for the Canada PR visa quite easily.

A candidate can also get points for the number of years he has played in his home country. If a candidate has 2-3 years of professional experience under his belt, his chances of getting the Canada PR visa are very bright. You would be happy that any Indian athlete who has got the athlete visa for himself can also get his/her spouse into the country of Canada. Such spouse also gets the permission to work in this country with a work permit, which is simple to obtain due to no LMIA applicable to it.

How can an Indian athlete get the Canada PR visa?

Once an athlete has spent some time living in this country, he can also apply for the Canadian Experience Class. So, through this stream of Express Entry, he can get the Canada PR visa.

Any athlete can get the Canada PR visa the point he has lived in Canada for 365 days. So, after living here for 1 year and playing for any sports team, an athlete becomes entitled to get the Canada  visa.

Indians have been playing for the Canadian cricket teams. These cricket teams include the Toronto Nationals which competes for the victory in the Global T20 Canada every year. This team includes the player, Nitish Kumar, who is a right-hand batsman of this team. Nile Migration knows how to process all the requirements of the Canada PR visa for you. It has the, also the arrangement for the PNP programs which provide Canada PR visa to those athletes who have job offers from sports teams in different provinces.

Anyways an athlete needs to know that he should have usable English levels to get the Canada PR visa for both the Express Entry and the PNP programs. This is because without knowing English, no Canada PR visa is possible for him.  

So to get a Canada PR visa and meet the goals of living and working in Canada happily and successfully, get all the formal assistance from Nile Migration.

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